November 3 2017

VENA2 Floral Pieces are the visual interpretation of Floral Therapy. Floral Therapy is based in the healing power of flowers. In Mexico, Aztec and Mayan ancient civilizations have used Floral Therapy to harmonize emotions that when unbalanced are known to them as cause for physical and mental illness. Floral Therapy is made from the extract and essence of flowers. In harmony with space, there is transcendental information, and according to the ancient knowledge, every element in nature has a healing spirit, a medicine. Every flower essence is arrayed as a divine fraction to give us its subtle quality, helping us in our spiritual evolutionary process. To make a Floral prescription you have to know the person that is requesting it. Through an interview information is obtained, and a qualified Floral Medicine healer(1) learns the requirements and needs of each person. The healer knows individual flower attributes and develops an specific prescription. Each prescription has a message, a medicine. This is why every Floral is unique. Each prescription is specific to the person requesting it. VENA2 studies the prescriptions and makes art piece from it. The Piece is composed of a variety of flowers arranged in geometrical arrays; it may also some animals, depending on the message. The Floral Piece comes with a mantra to complement the art piece healing power. This way, every day, when focusing on the Floral Piece and repeating the mantra, the healing effects of the Floral prescription are reinforced on the emotional, physical and psychological levels. (1) Florecer®