March 23 2018

This portal receives all your gratitude and intentions to honor and heal our planet.

Our mother earth, from its birth, exists in perfect order and balance, and only we can give back that same balance we have taken away through our gratitude, intentions and actions.

On every mythology, the deer represents the connection with mother earth. It is the messenger due to its similarity between its horns and the tree branches used as antennas to communicate with them who have the divine ancestral information.

The golden color symbolizes the unalterable, the perfection, the elevation, the connection with the core. The gold color is the highest frequency because it resonates with the sun and it’s a generator of light.

To activate this manifestation, stand in front of it, take the sprinkler and close your eyes. Think of your deepest desire, use the water as that intention and sprinkle it on its horns.