November 20 2017

We are what we eat. Since the begging corn has been the basic food of our land, Mexico. Being the mystical and nurturing legacy of our ancestors.
When looking at a section of its root through a microscope, you are able to see the form of a mandala as a portal in which Mother Earth, Tonatzin feeds the plant that blooms this grain and it’s transmitting all of it’s divine coding, and this is how connects us with our own roots.

When we think about molecules, atoms, quantum, higgs, neutrinos, and other particles, these are spheres in its graphical representation and the circle portrays the symbol for unity. The circles represent the microcosms, a unified field in which we are all one.

All in this field is geometry by which all of the information gets imprinted in our own cells, our DNA, in our identity as belonging to our land, Mexico.