November 16 2017

STATEMENT This piece is the result of a deep study of water´s nature, as a vehicle to re-evolution conciousness.Water molecule is the union of three atoms, 2 hydrogen and one oxigen. Number three is the symbol of divinity: you, me, it; body, mind, spirit.Water links us, all live beings that inhabitate this planet, that is more than 70% water. Our bodies are also more than 70% water, even our brain, where all our thoughts come from is 90% water. This way, as two waterdrops fuse to become one bigger, at the end, all rivers end up in the same sea.Based on japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto´s experiment, which consisted in exposing water samples to positive and negative stimuli, froze the samples and then picture them, he observed on a microscope the differences between the crystals water formed. The structure of the water crystals exposed to positive stimuli was aesthetic and harmonic while the structure of samples exposed to negative stimuli was chaotic and sometimes didn’t even formed any crystals. Dr. Emoto concluded that water is sensitive to external stimuli, intentions and frequencies; Emoto proved water is alive. Nowadays we lost the responsable use of this vital element, we give it a terrible misuse and damage it.We´re finisihing our resources. Pollution and extermination of natural resources end up in extinction of species and life devaluation. Like polution, the axiologic crisis in our society end up in violence, corruption and inequity that we live in.If more than half our body and our planet is water, in escence, we are the same, we are water.The positive thing is that we have solutions. Let´s wake our conciousness. We can heal through water, through the union of our positive thoughts.The piece Somos Agua depicts water beings; a jaguar, an eagle, an owl, a humming bird, a wolf, a bear, a quetzal, a dear, a snake, and a human being, running from the vastness of the sea to our conciesness, flowing. Ancestral power animals threatened of extinction. Jaguar´s guardian power, eagle´s vision, owl´s wisdom, hummingbird´s joy, dear´s divinity, bear´s love, wolf´s knowledge, quetzal´s royalty, snake´s link with mother earth and our own power reflected in a human being are the representation of protective spirits that helps us in our everyday life and in our search to become one with nature. They reflect our deepest self. They reflect to us their qualities, teach us to look for, sense and learn about our own harmony with nature and give us the power to transform our society in what we all look for, a better life.Mirrors not just reflect an image; soul becomes a perfect mirror, by looking at this pieces spectator becomes part of the image, and because of this participation, one transforms oneself. There is a configuration between the subject and the mirror that reflects it. Soul participates of the beauty it reflects. Somos Agua is the mirror of conciousness reciprocity. Human body is in darkness, as the back of a mirror, soul is in front of that mirror. Speaking of both sides of the mirror, God has created a world in darkness so His light can be shown. Somos Agua reflects the light every dawn, every moment, until dusk, then the passing stars, the moon, every person… demonstrating the reflection of divinity and its conection with every spectator.Water is the reflection of ourselves in transformation. We are water. SOMOS AGUA