November 15 2017

It is nature as a source of inspiration and as the consequence of art. This work was a comission for NIKE in 2009, it consists of nylon tight in the shape of a caterpillar, stuffed with dirt, sawdust, nutrients, and seeds; it was placed into public spaces and with the help of rain and sun led to sprout and become a living sculpture. The artwork was named Transmutation and is inspired of the caterpillar and its extraordinary capacity to transform itself into a greater degree of complexity. The metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly depicts metaphorically the transformation and evolution of humankind towards a greater degree of consciousness, a new thinking and way of living based on value attitudes such as respect and care for nature. The caterpillar transition occurs inside a cocoon, the place where it longs for the moment to emerge and fly. This cocoon is made with biodegradable materials and a system that generates light by using solar energy. All the materials used in this work are consistent with the ecological consciousness VENA2’s quest is all about.